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Last autumn, I opened Clovni Extraterestri (Clown Aliens) at the National Theatre of Romania, in Cluj. CE is my first full-on musical; I wrote the music and created the sound design. Eli Simon wrote the book and directed. I’ve just finished mixing some board recordings, so I’m finally able to share some of the content here. […]

On Friday night, Rachel Bonds’ play Five Mile Lake had its world-premiere at South Coast Repertory.  Under the hand of director Daniella Topol, Bonds’ deceptively quiet text about a group of young people in a small town in Pennsylvania found shone.  I was delighted to create the music and design for the world premiere.  You […]

After months of prep and rehearsal and almost three weeks of previews, Build opened last night at The Geffen Playhouse. Simply put, it was terrific.  I’ve really enjoyed working on this design, and the whole team, from playwright Michael and director Will to the cast of Tommy, Peter, and Laura, to the design team of […]

More work done today on the site, and it’s ongoing. Recent updates since the last post: Restored proper formatting to portfolio entry posts. Added lots new images Move the whole site to the root (so you can type and go right to me) Text format editing. Pretty close.  And ready for public consumption.  Consume!

In 2004, just after getting married, I decided it was time for me to have a useful web presence. I had just entered the freelance world, had just moved to New York, and I needed a web place to point directors, artistic directors, and production managers to. Over the course of a few weeks, in […]