A room. Interior. A phalanx of loudspeakers creates the aural image of an urban park. Traffic. Children. Birds. Bikes. Guests control the environment with handheld devices, sharing in the creation of the environment. A sun and a moon indicate time of day. Time of day affects sound. An exploration into crowd-sourcing control of a sonic environment.

Push The Button is a sound art collective founded by Brad Berridge, Davin Huston, and Vincent Olivieri. Push The Button creates sound art pieces that engage the audience as a participant and performer within the larger context of the work. Rather than limit the audience to the literal role of listening, Berridge, Huston, and Olivieri seek to blur the line between artist and audience, performer and performed-to. Push The Button uses new technology to increase the corporeal engagement with the art.


Click here to check out the installation at the Prague Design Quadrennial.