This area used to be dangerous. Gun fights, stampedes, thunderstorms. Tornados. Riots. You can walk the perimeter of the old building, hearing the sounds of the past, and maybe the sounds of the present?

Hell’s Half Acre is best accessed from the southwest corner of the Fort Worth TX Convention Center.  On your smartphone. With a data connection. And earbuds.

Push The Button is a sound art collective founded by Brad Berridge, Davin Huston, and Vincent Olivieri. Push The Button creates sound art pieces that engage the audience as a participant and performer within the larger context of the work. Rather than limit the audience to the literal role of listening, Berridge, Huston, and Olivieri seek to blur the line between artist and audience, performer and performed-to. Push The Button uses new technology to increase the corporeal engagement with the art.

Access the piece here.