Last week, costume designer Mike Floyd and I directed a workshop of a new work.  Our piece, currently titled Elysian Roux, is an immersive site-specific work, using the outdoor public space around a large building as our playing area.  We assembled a great team of designers, performers, and other creatives, and over two weeks, we put together a workshop to explore some ideas that we’ve been having about the work and immersive theatre in general.


Both Mike and I are new to directing immersive theatre, so we had some fundamental questions that we wanted to explore.  Questions about timing, structure, linearity, and obfuscation occupied our dramaturgical brainspace.  Questions about world immersion, exploration of space, and communication of character occupied our design brainspace.  How do you begin to put a piece of immersive theatre together? How do you move it from an idea on paper into an actual event? How do you communicate the ‘rules’ to the audience? How do you find a balance between empowering the performer and building a balanced event?


On Friday and Saturday of last week, we presented our ideas to a small group of audience members.  Mike and I expected to have 10-15 people at each ‘performance,’ but we ended up with closer to 40-50.  Maybe you were there? What did you think?


Here are some photos from our event. Check them out!





Song and Siskin


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