UC Irvine | Director: Eli Simon

Clown Aliens is a reworking and combination of two different pieces that I designed & scored for the National Theatre of Romania in Cluj. The piece is about a family of clowns from outer space that come to earth as refugees. Once safely on earth, they must learn how to be earthlings, and as we built the show, we sought to explore the choices that immigrant and outsider communities have to make when facing a dominant culture. How much do you hold on to your old culture? How much do you assimilate? How do you navigate you new strange community? Both pieces from Romania are already represented on this site, but for the production at UCI, we were able to bring in live musicians to build a funk band onstage. These recordings are excerpts from a house recording made during dress rehearsals.

Flying Saucer. Baby Clown gets the idea to build a flying saucer to search for her missing mother.


Sneaky Funk. This piece underscores the clowns as they escape pursuit by humans. The odd meter and perpetually-modulating key keeps the music on edge.


I Wanna Fly Back. At the end of the show, Baby Clown decides that she’s had enough of life on earth and is ready to leave to find her mother.


We Hate Them (‘Cuz They’re Different). The clowns and humans sing about how the tension between their two groups.

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