sound art

  • Push the Button: Hell’s Half Acre

    This area used to be dangerous. Gun fights, stampedes, thunderstorms. Tornados. Riots. You can walk the perimeter of the old building, hearing the sounds of the past, and maybe the sounds of the present? Hell’s […]

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  • Push the Button: Persistence of Hearing

    A dancer. Holding sensors. Controls sound. The sounds of pencils, of typewriters, scribbling and clicking. The dancer controls the sound, responds to the sound. Sounds become repetitive, repetition becomes rhythm, rhythm becomes musical. Writing as […]

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  • Push the Button: CityPark

    A room. Interior. A phalanx of loudspeakers creates the aural image of an urban park. Traffic. Children. Birds. Bikes. Guests control the environment with handheld devices, sharing in the creation of the environment. A sun […]

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  • Push the Button: Draw

    In three acts. A camera. A dancer. The camera tracks the dancer. Body movements translate into changes in the sound. Changes in volume. In pitch. In speed. Sounds are triggered. Sounds are cut. The dancer […]

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  • The Night I Found Out I Was Adopted

    Brad Berridge and Vincent Olivieri are THE NIGHT I FOUND OUT I WAS ADOPTED, an experimental improvisatory duo performing entirely on mobile computing devices.  

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