After a few months of struggling with some access to this blog which included some hosting matters), I’m finally able to give an update about some of the work that I’ve been doing. Here are some notes about some recent projects:

— In October, I designed and scored the west coast premiere of Rajiv Joseph’s ‘Gards at the Taj’ at The Geffen Playhouse. The music was electronic and had some Indian elements (mostly through instrumentation), but it retained a modern language that worked with Joseph’s words to give the production a modern feel. You can check out some of my music for it here.

— In February, I returned to The Geffen to design Bess Wohl’s ‘Barcelona,’ a two-hander that takes place in the Spanish city over the course of one night.

— In March, I designed and scored the world premiere of ‘Going to a Place Where You Already Are’ at South Coast Repertory. Bekah Brunstetter’s play about two death and heaven was a challenge for me, but I’m very happy with the result

— In April, I produced a workshop of two new plays by Tira Palmquist, Smoke Front and Fire Road, which were presented telematically, in real-time, over the Internet

— In May, I co-produced a six-channel sound-art installation, which featured a concert series and a symposium on multichannel sound. The Center For Interesting Noises also premiered my composition ‘Infinitette.’

— Most recently, I designed Barrington Stage Company’s production of ‘Kimberly Akimbo,’ which marks ten years since I first worked with them and with director Rob Ruggiero.

My plans this summer include taking a bit of a break, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be busy! I’m designing the world premiere of Tira Palmquist’s ‘And Then They Fell’ in LA, so I’ll have my hands busy!

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