A lot has been happening lately, and I haven’t gotten a chance to update this site recently.  So, here you go!


Last week, at the USITT conference, my sound-art collective, PUSH THE BUTTON, debuted a sound walk piece. The piece is entitled Hell’s Half Acre and is a four-part walk around the Fort Worth Convention Center.  Hell’s Half Acre refers to the violent den of iniquity that used to occupy the very space that the convention center sits on. Fort Worth was at one end of the cattle drive, so cowboys would gather in Hell’s Half Acre to get drunk and cause trouble. The audio is best experienced over headphones and in Forth Worth, but if you don’t live in Texas, you can still check it out.  Head over here.


I’m also deep into rehearsals at South Coast Repertory for the world premiere of FIVE MILE LAKE, a new play by Rachel Bonds.  Daniella Topol directs this terrifically tricky play.  I’m designing and creating the score, and I’m really proud of how it’s shaping up.  The music is deceptively simple – come check it out and hear for yourself!


Right after FIVE MILE LAKE opens, I go into rehearsals for a workshop of a new piece called ELYSIAN ROUX.  I’m working with co-creator & co-director Mike Floyd to create this piece, which is a site-specific non-linear immersive theatre piece.  We’ll be workshopping it the second weekend in May.


Just after that, I’ll go into tech for THE STINK CHEESE MAN AND OTHER FAIRLY STUPID TALES, a play based on the children’s book, produced by South Coast Repertory.  Jessica Kubzansky directs, and the sound design is shaping up to be very energetic and musical.


That takes me through the end of May.  Not bad for a few month’s work!

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