After months of prep and rehearsal and almost three weeks of previews, Build opened last night at The Geffen Playhouse.

Simply put, it was terrific.  I’ve really enjoyed working on this design, and the whole team, from playwright Michael and director Will to the cast of Tommy, Peter, and Laura, to the design team of Sibyl, EB, and Dan, to the crew (including Young, Gunner, Leia…). The play is great, the show is great, and my design is great.  The performance last night was really strong; it had been a week since I had seen a preview, and in that week, the cast found some additional fire and really propelled the play forward. When the house lights rose after the show, my jaw was on the floor. Holy crap.

The LA Times review came in, and it specifically called me out for great work: “Golamco introduces his own computer nerd diversion to enliven things — a simulated human being animated with artificial intelligence (played by Laura Heisler, with lovely pinging sound effects, the work of sound designer Vincent Olivieri, subtly underscoring her speech).”

I’ve added work from Build to my portfolio; you can check it out here.  It contains a few pieces of music and a bit of recording where you can hear the sounds I added to the AI’s voice.  Check it out with headphones – otherwise, you might not hear the ‘lovely pinging sounds.’

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